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The Company

Savvy Benefits spawned from the innovative, experienced mind of the company's founder, Judd Wagner. With more than 20 years of experience in the insurance and benefits industry, Mr. Wagner understands that it is time to revolutionize the American benefits sector.

Making his way through the trenches of the health insurance and benefits industry, Wagner began his career in healthcare working for Blue Cross Blue Shield as an underwriter, learning firsthand how financial risk, utilization, and population health management correlate to high variation in healthcare costs amongst employers. He went on to consult with large, national employers advising them on multi-year strategies to limit risk and reduce claims costs. As the Chief Marketing Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, Mr. Wagner oversaw sales, wellness, and product development. He gained his technology experience as SVP of Sales for bSwift, which was acquired by Aetna in 2014 for $400 million.

Wagner's experience taught him a valuable lesson in healthcare….everyone's facing the same basic three problems:

 Unbearable cost increases
 Frustration accessing the appropriate care in the right setting in a timely fashion
 Confusing benefits, jargon, and business practices that make the average consumer want to pull their hair out

With this in mind, Mr. Wagner and the Savvy Benefits team scoured the market, identifying the best benefits and partners to deliver the perfect solution for Savvy Benefits customers. Empowering you and your employees to live a Savvy lifestyles, the company's solutions simplify life by providing the following:

 Access to low-cost, valuable healthcare
 Concierge level service for any questions or challenges that arise in life
 Savings consumers, employees, & employers time and money…
 …all at a price where you can’t afford not to buy.


Savvy Benefits simplifies the complex world of healthcare, empowering customers with easy and affordable access to health care services and counsel they need on a daily basis. Working with the Savvy Benefits team means you have people on your side. They are fighting for you, navigating the benefits world on your behalf. Savvy Benefits does the legwork to research, evaluate, and deliver benefits in a way that guarantees value to you and your employees.

Our solution is delivered with highest dedication to our core values:

Higher Standards

At Savvy Benefits we know that there's no such thing as "good enough." Folks that use that term fail to see that good enough was most likely not good, nor was it enough. At Savvy Benefits we pride ourselves on always delivering the best to our most important stakeholders – our loyal customers.

Greater Accountability

In today's business environment there are too many empty promises, and not enough accountability. At Savvy Benefits you can rest assured that we will always do what we say we are going to do. It's what sets us apart from other companies and creates our competitive margin. Customers know that once we've committed to anything that it will be delivered as promised, on time, and just the way you like it.

Always Fun

We all go to work to provide for our families, our basic needs, and the lifestyle that suits our taste. Sometimes we even spend more time at work than with our loved ones in order to do so. If we're going to put so much time and effort into work, wouldn't it be great to have fun doing it?

At Savvy Benefits, having more fun is not something that we take lightly. Employees get to choose where they work, and they choose us because we value the fact that a fun work environment brings out the best in all of us. When you meet our employees, you'll recognize the power of a truly engaged workforce that enjoys what they do...working to help save you time and money.

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